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The following is an outline of common problem areas for most businesses where IMS can provide guidance:

Documenting Knowledge
The knowledge required to undertake a business process must be accessible and clear. Documents e.g. procedures (with flowcharts) should describe each process, ownership and monitoring methods. It is critical that only approved documents are available for use. Old versions must not be available except, clearly marked as archive records (a serious common problem). The solution is electronic document control which maintains only the latest version electronic documents on a company server or website.

Project, Meeting and Audit Management
In the past projects, meetings and audits have been difficult to manage. There is no easy way of searching records for information such as person responsible for actions, different types of issues etc. Unclosed or overdue issues raised can be easily overlooked without careful review of all information. The solution is to use databases with appropriate filtering mechanisms (server or cloud based). IMS has developed many of these.

Exception Reporting 
Verification against planned objectives necessitates an “exception reporting” system, which records in a clear and accessible way when an “incident” has occurred (quality, safety, environmental or other issue).

Whether you choose a server based or cloud based system, IMS can provide the exact fit for your business management system needs. IMS has never failed to gain or maintain required certification(s).

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