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Integrated Management Systems (IMS) has experience in and provides support for both internal server based and cloud based solutions.

IMS has designed many succesful simple Office software server based systems which are usually most cost effective for typically smaller one office businesses. However larger, especially multi site businesses are usually better served by cloud based systems which are specifically designed to ensure compliance to management systems standards, with features such as collaborative on-line process mapping and automatic online/email warning system when something needs attention e.g. meeting, audit, non-conformace, inspection or other.

Promapp provides the essential infrastructure that many businesses could benefit from to underpin and simplify the compliance processes. Clients whose needs suit a cloud based management system typically see a reduction of around 30% in the cost of compliance. Integrated Management Systems is proud to be a preferred partner for Promapp.

IMS can advise which approach is most suitable for your business.

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