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Modern business face many challenges. Various legal requirements, different customer requirements, standards such as quality, safety and environment, government prequalification schemes, sustainability to name a few. What do most businesses do? Usually it’s to change management system to comply with each new requirement. The only trouble is … systems become difficult to follow and may conflict!

The IMS approach is to keep things as simple as possible. One integrated management system working for the business, addressing all objectives, transparent, easy to use. It so happens that many of these requirements and standards actually share much in common, which makes integration easier and more effective; the best option!

An Integrated Management System:

  • Increases business efficiency and effectiveness
  • Provides a standard for business conduct and leadership
  • Improves company image and status with customers and suppliers.
  • Standardises company operations and provides a basis for improvement,
  • Increases business opportunities, such as becoming and approved tenderer for larger or government jobs

You may wish to achieve certification to one standard only, or you may wish to develop a multi standard system in stages or all at once. But the important thing is to build your system on an integrated basis so that it can grow easily to meet future business needs.

Here is some more detail on an IMS implementation.

System Features

REE pre-assessment for qualified companies

System fully developed to be simple to use, making external certification easy

Fully visible on-site work, nothing “mailed in”

Full training given on how to run the system

Inexpensive, less than the cost of competitors

Low impact, does not intrude on operations

Fully customized; not an “Off the Shelf” hardcopy management system

ALL IMS clients have successfully gained and maintained their certification

Program Includes

Experienced guidance with best approach to suit your business, e.g. simple form based, database or cloud

Includes Gap Analysis against ISO 9001/14001/AS 4801 and all relevant legal requirements

System process flows, responsibilities, risk assessments, required documents, objectives and targets

Assistance with/access to all required procedures, forms and registers

Internal audit for required procedures and implementation of corrections with training

Management review and corrections implemented with training

Quotations firm to succesful certification

Ongoing maintenance, audit and management review service available (post certification optional extra)

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